The Reclaimed Story


Reclaimed wood offers a unique beauty that can only be created through natural weathering. Every piece of reclaimed wood offers a distinct aesthetic with markings and coloring developed over time. Our reclaimed wood comes unfinished which allows for customization while maintaining the unique beauty reclaimed wood offers.


AntiQuus reclaimed wood comes from 19th-century, Midwestern barns. This means that each piece brings with it, it’s own story. At some point in its lifetime, our wood was used on the family farm, providing shelter to animals and food storage for the family that owned it. Using our reclaimed wood gives new life to those structures that played such a vital role for the families that used them.


Think of reclaimed wood as “recycled” wood. The production of AntiQuus’ reclaimed wood requires no new trees to be cut down and reduces the amount of wood that winds up in a landfill. Choosing reclaimed wood is a great way to add character and beauty to your home while also helping to maintain our environment.