Specie:  Mostly Fir, With Spruce, Pine, & Hemlock As Well

Source:  10 - 20 Year Old Fencing

Moisture:  Dried to 10-15% mc.

Knots:  Unlimited sound knots, some broken knots.

Holes: Limited nail holes often with ferrous stain, bolt holes up to 3/4" diameter allowed

Checks:  Unlimited checks and cracks allowed as long as individual pieces are sound.

Surface:  At least ONE face will have original weathering and other evidence of previous use such as dents or scratches and may have original saw marks. Some paint may remain on the surface (due to the age of the wood any paint is assumed to contain lead and should be handled accordingly).

Grain:  Mixed grain patterns

Color:  Unlimited variation, generally the patina will be much darker than
the woods normal color and will be mostly grey, with some browns.

Sizes:  1”x 8” - Call to inquire for other available sizes

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